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Poster Paper Review

Please review poster entries below and then click the link to vote on your top 3.

Akhil Santhos

Edith Cowan University

Motor Controller for Electric Vehicle Applications

Bassam Al-Hanahi

Edith Cowan University

Charging of Commercial Electric Vehicles

Cjacque Rautenbach

Curtin University

Non-Intrusive Energy Harvesting Method for Powering a Wireless Sensor Node

David Amoateng 

University of QLD

An Intelligent Event Detection Framework To Improve Situational Awareness In Large PMU Power Distribution Networks

Dillip Kumar Mishra


A Novel Approach to Quantify the Resilience of Active Distribution Network

Gunathilaka Athapaththu Mudiyanselage Tirantha Bandara

Curtin University

Evaluating of Frequency Response Time  Characteristics of Large Scale Energy Storage  Systems in High Renewable Energy Penetrated  Power Systems 

James Moulden

Edith Cowan University

Industrial PV-Battery Microgrid Optimisation and Development

Jamin Hunter

Curtin University

Machine Learning Applied to Optimal Power Flow

Jinping Zhao

Murdoch University

End-of-life Failure Probability Assessment Considering Electric Vehicle Integration

Lan Jin

Curtin University

Transformer Online Condition Monitoring

Khandoker Wahidul Islam

Curtin University


Osaka Rubasinghe


Short-term Forecasting of Daily Net Load Based on Improved CEEMDAN and LSTM Neural Networks

Pravakar Pradhan

Edith Cowan University

Quantifying and Managing the Impact of Electric Vehicles on Power Distribution Assets.

Qiang Gao

University of Adelaide

Increasing the Potential of Offshore Hybrid Renewable Energy System in Australia

Rangana Gunasekara

RMIT University

Smart Meter Data Driven Demand Response Scheme

Ridho Wastu Widyawan

University of NSW

Development of Real-time Fault Simulator for Overhead Line Monitoring Systems

Sahan Gamagedera

Curtin University

Analysis of Power Quality & Stability Issues For Islanded Microgrid with Renewables

Sakthivelnathan Nallainathan

Murdoch University

Marginal Cost of Reliability Improvement for Standalone Microgrids

Shantanu Kumar

Curtin University

Application of Reverse Blocked Over Current Digital Bus Bar Protection Scheme Encompassing IEC 61850

Steward Qie


A new data-driven control algorithm for interleaved DC/DC boost converter

Yeoh Ji Zhaong

University of NSW

Concept design for Coupling Fuel Cells,  Photovoltaic Cells and Battery

Yulin Liu


A Novel Integral Reinforcement Learning Based H∞ Control For Solid Oxide Fuel Cell In Utility Grids

Yuxuan Wang


Energy Management Strategy of Islanded Hybrid DC/AC Microgrid with Energy Storage System

Zifan Lin


Multi-level Interleaved DC-DC Power Converter for Hybrid Energy Storage System in DC Microgrid

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